another week, another resolution! it may seem weird that i'm also attempting to do things all the time, but i'm trying not to wait around to achieve the stuff i wanna do. i'm not going to wait till new year's to do something i can start right away. (i'll post my radical honesty wrap-up a little later on)

that said, this particular resolution is something i've been meaning to do for a while now. but i wasn't quite ready to face it until my visa bill came last thursday. for a solid year, me and my visa were great. i paid it off on time and never had interest then all of a sudden (okay not all a sudden, like 2 movies and four shopping sprees later) things started to slide. and slide. and continue to slide. and then i hit a car, and i owe my parents money for that. i'm not going to give the exact number, but it's pretty bad.

so it seems ridiculous, given all that, that i continue spending the way that i do. the first step is admitting you have a problem. so my resolve this week is to cut it out completely. i've instigated a "no-buy" week. no makeup. no shoes. no purses (...only because i just bought one).

but that's not enough. i need to save money too, and i'll be the first to admit i have NO idea how to do that! usually i avoid personal finance blogs like the plague. but i've been scouring them to find tips i like. here are some of my favourite tutorials.

be sure to check back i'll be adding more as i focus on finance this week. mmkay. me and R are off for dinner. later!