(song of the day: did you get my message, jason mraz)

today i dodged a bullet. i only nearly avoided disaster! haha, that's a bit of an overstatement, (and i'll get to those later.) but i did nearly have a minor crisis this weekend. first you'd have to understand to importance of movies in my family. movies and tv are the second religion of this household, no lie. and i don't mean just my immediately family either, my cousin too. (man there's a lot of backstory to get to my real problem =P) a few months ago my extended family and i traveleld down to the bahamas for my aunt's wedding. and that's the first time i realized my cousins are actually people you know? real people, with lives, friends, problems and everything! They're not just "alive" when you see them at easter, thanksgiving and christmas. i hope i'm not weird. i'm told during adolescence people come to similar conclusions. so yeah, i've been hanging out with my cousin a few times a month since then, and it's been cool! (he even took me to my audition, which is probably one of the coolest things anyone's ever done for me) anyway so yeah.

last week we (jason, my mom, me and kendra) were supposed to see taken, but we cancelled last minute on account of the super bowl. (<- which i watched and liked! and it's kind of surprising, cause i normally hate sports of all kinds. i may have developed a crush on kurt warner even though i was rooting for the Steelers. anyway...) we rescheduled to this weekend. so i made plans to hang with my friend lindsay. we usually go out to see a movie and then go to denny's. it's our thing. (all day breakfast is the best =P) and i told her i wanted to see push or he's just not that into you, and since she got there first and i was running late i told her to buy tickets and surprise me.

while i'm on the way there, my cousin called me to asked me if i wanted to go to the movies right then. which you know, was a little impossible considering i was on my way to meet lindsay. i explained that. and then jason told me not to see push, cause he wanted to watch that AND taken this sunday. but then, when i got there, lindsay had already bought tickets to push and it was a) too late to switch and b) kind of impossible cause he's just not that into you was sold out anyway. so i watched push! and it was really good. and chris evans is a truly beautiful man (who i saw in person! ahh! if i could live that moment over, i would have more aggressively pursued an autograph)

but my family is big on seeing movies together. seeing a movie that you've all decided to see before anyone else is just something you don't do. when i came home my mom was all "how was it?" i didn't really have a good answer so she was like "what were you really doing?" and i couldn't really lie, when i didn't do anything wrong. so i told her. and even she, the queen of honesty at all costs, was like "you better not tell jason." i'm not really a good liar, if she can tell he can tell. soooo....

today after work i dragged my sister to the movies with me. so we could see the movie i said i'd seen in the first place. and it was really good! i mean, i'm really into cartoons and murder-mystery and sci-fi but a good chick flick never hurts. as long as it's a good one. (i'm not such a notebook/walk to remember fan.) anyway, yeah, this one was reeeeeally good. and so funny! and justin long is sex on legs. haha. it was ironic though, that the movie set out to present the women who'd view it of the harsh reality that some men really won't like them, but then showed the exact opposite. (it is a chick flick, after all) Even still, SO so good.

but it did make me aware of something. Justin long's character pointed out that women, on the whole, are addicted to drama. They're always taking the little things and blowing them up to frightening proportions. And i'm guilty of this too. My mom was actually reading something about it, and read that this disorder could be referred to as "castastrophizing." yes, your word processor won't recognize the term, but no, i'm not making it up. there are so many people, guys and girls, that take tiny problems and turn them into catastrophes. Like my movie dilemma. I mean, even though the whole thing was an accident, it's not like jason's going to (literally) bite my head off. But there's a part of me that likes taking those little things and turning them into something more. I'm not gonna lie, catastrophizing certainly does make things more exciting! But I hated that movie pointed that out! It was like it saw me naked XP

haha. Anyway. So i'm (unnecessarily) seeing FOUR movies in the span of three days, and i'm hoping you've found a more useful way to spend your money and time. But, if you feel like sharing, what was the last thing you catastrophized?

sorry this is so long. Ciao for now!