super random finds this week. but this week, on the whole, has been pretty random.

check out this list of the 99 most influential fashion blogs. there were SO many i hadn't heard of but now i've got a TON more to check out. fabulous stuff, really.

i've truly enjoyed finding out "what hipsters hate." funny funny stuff.

i've also enjoyed - and cringed at- people of walmart.

i love all of the new bloggers on college fashion. but i gotta love zepyhr too. check out her 25 reasons to dress up everyday. as if i needed one.

here's a collaboration i'm happy about. garance dor is teaming up with the GAP. i'll keep you posted on that one.

i'm a word nerd. i can admit it. i got excited about the words being added to the dictionary this year. frenemy? why yes i think so.

mission to learn gives some times on finding time for everything.

check out some great labour day deals via the budget babe.

that's it for me. still trying to scrounge up someone to go to a gig with me tonight! have a happy rest of the weekend!