song of the day: haven't met you yet, michael buble

happy september! i don't know about you, but it's a part of my fashion philosophy to splurge on a wardrobe full of essentials and then pepper it with seasonal items i'll buy on the cheap. here are trends i plan to endorse this season. then check out my picks on shopstyle! most of them are >$50.

1. band jackets. if i hadn't bought a fall coat last year, i'd totally be cashing in for one of these right now. i LOVE this look. i can't stress it enough. it would be awesome if i could find a real vintage marching band jacket somewhere. fingers crossed! motorcyle and military jackets are also in for the fall.

2. leather. it's easy to wear this trend anywhere. motorcycle jackets are also popular. and there's no better way to master girly grunge, glam than with a leather mini.

3. full minis. this season's skirts are all about interesting full shapes and patterns. look for skirts that incorporate ruffles or zips. and pair them with paired with black tights to finish off the look.

4. something plaid. i've already gurgled on about plaid. it's one of those fall fashion staples that just keeps on coming. look for plaid oversive shirts and tunics.

5. destroyed denim. bleached, shredded and distressed jeans are all in for fall. try pairing it with a cardigan for an interesting contrast.

6. plum lips. this is another fall staple. try adding a plum lip colour to your regular fall makeup look.

7. leggings. yep, they're STILL here. and i'm thinking i'm nearly ready to venture out of my plain black cotton ones. they are popular with sequins, in lace, with patterns. but the same rules apply. denim-look leggings (i've heard them called "jeggings" but can't bring myself to use the term) are also popular.

8. over-the-knee boots. make sure the pair you pick fit close to your leg at the top. gapes are a no-no. other popular footwear: (peep toe) ankle booties,

9. animal prints. you can use them as a neutral to anchor your look. they also look cute as accesories.

10. cuff bracelets. when it comes to jewelry this fall, bigger is better. from the looks of things, bangles and statement/bib necklaces are also fall essentials.

i posted this o'er the weekend, but don't forget to check out pantone's choices for fall colours! did i miss anything? what trends are you loving this fall?