did everyone have a good labour day weekend? mine was good but way too short. school starts tomorrow. so for me, i'm eating icecream for breakfast and watching cartoons, for this one last time. i woke up early to see my sister off for her first day and i was about to complain about how early it was it occured to me, i'd be the one waking up this early pretty much from now until next april! i am excited though.

when i was rewatching the season premier, i picked up this bit of wisdom from glee: the only life worth living is one you're passionate about. if you're not passionate about your about, maybe you should shake things up?

this week, here are the ten things making me terribly happy
1. when you seperate your chopsticks in one clean crack
2. the sound plastic makes when you tear into it (i love new things)
3. dinner dates with my mom
4. homemade smoothies
5. shopping downtown
6. unlimited texting - i just got it and had no idea what i was missing
7. singing
8. baby shoes
9. when someone offers you a ride home, even more so when it's out of their way
10. late night denny's runs with old friends

that's all for now!