song of the day: fireflies, owl city

sorry i've been MIA in the last little bit. i am still adjusting to my new incredibly busy schedule. mondays are the most intimidating. as i'm compiling this week's to do list, it looks like there's no end in sight, and this past weekend wasn't nearly as restul as i needed it to be. so before i do anything else, i'm taking a minute to catch up on the things that have been making me terribly happy as of late.

1. baby news
2. bouncy castles
3. when my dad cooks dinner
4. karaoke
5. headbands
6. chow mein
7. new friends
8. getting under crisp sheets at the end of the night
9. playing disney music while i'm at work
10. getting a french connection dress for $3! (thank you sales, discounts, gift cards and winners)

and how have you been?

got the photo from here