occasion: first day of school/jonas brothers concert
chain necklace: forever 21, $7
purple plaid tunic: sirens, $17
skinny jeans: aeropostale, $20
burgundy flats: aeropostale, $6
(book) bag: h&m, $15

you read that right, i am a repeat outfit offender. but i don't mind =) i think this was a great choice for the first day of school. even consiering that my creative writing prof went rogue and took us outside for classes and i totally got mosquito bites / grass stains. (sounds a lot like my first day of second grade, haha). it was still a good day! i got to catch up with the friends i'd forgotten over the summer and i finally got the nerve to talk to the boy that i always seem to bump into on the way home. fun!

but i want to hear your back to school story! what was it like? what'd you wear? meet any one exciting? how was it?

i'm off to choir practice.
later my lovelies!