song of the day: the show, lenka
i hope our weekend was as fantastic as mine was! but in consequence, i didn't have time to write ANYTHING. and i do feel awful about! and sadly this week looks even busier than the last, i'll see how things turn out.

1. sunshine on skin
2. celebrity sightings (i saw drew barrymore, ellen page and kristen wiig last night! too much fun!)
3. the front seat of his car
4. dive diners with amazing french toast
5. baby hands
6. the first time you write in a new notebook
7. the novelty of driving
8. catching up over coffee
9. when magazines come in the mail
10. cocktail rings

boo. i'm already exhausted, and i'm only at the beginning of what looks to be an exhausting week! wish me luck!


beautiful pic from here.