song of the day: anything i'm not, lenka

this is probably going to sound weird, but TV is kind of like the second religion in my house. missing an episode of house on monday night, is kind of sacriligious. so now that we're into september, i need to know what times i'm going to need to work shows into my schedule. these premieres are just another reason fall is my favourite season.

got all the dates and info via a very helpful feature! and you'll want to double check things with your local listings as well. it's awful when you go to watch your favourite show and discover it's moved to a completely different day. i found a cool site that does it for all the major canadian channels.

here are the ones i'm most excited about.

glee (sept 9, 9pm). it feels like it's been forever since they showed the preview episode for this show in the spring. it seemed like a cruel idea but i don't know if that was there best move. now there's a LOT of pressure for the show to be good. but i'm pretty sure i'll stick this one out for the whole season.

house (sept 21, 8pm ) have you been following house/seen the previews for this? i was hoping the tail end of this season would just be someone's horrible dream! but apparently not so. this whole mental hospital thing is going to seriously set back my "huddy" plans though.

gossip girl (sept 14, 9pm). to be perfectly honest, this is not my type of show. but after two seasons, i know i would not miss a single juicy episode. it's so addictive >.<

wow! it was hard to pick just three. here are the other premieres i won't be missing, i've put links to the newer/lesser known ones.

fringe (sept 17, 9pm. i can not WAIT for this show to come back, but i'm not happy about the time slot. thursday is a cutthroat night)
bones (sept 17, 8pm), the office (sept 17, 9pm)
the beautiful life (sept 16, 9pm)
heroes (sept 21, 8pm),
smallville (sept 25, 8pm. not looking good this is like the burial ground.)
snl (sept 26, 11:30pm. megan fox is apparently hosting the premier. odd choice, she doesn't strike me as funny),
ncis (sept 22, 8pm),
the mentalist (sept 22, 8pm. who doesn't need more simon baker in their lives? this tuesday time slot is only for canadian channels, and will change in october).
flash forward (sept 24, 8pm),
lie to me (sept 28, 8pm),
the jay leno show (sept 14, 10pm),
v (nov 3, 8pm),
community (oct 8, 8pm),

i have NO idea how i'm going to fit all this in. my friend T says i could always just give up on sleep. that's what he does. anyone else as serious about tv as i am? anyone else cry during the writer's strike? no? okay. that's cool. i know, my tastes are ALL over this place. so for you, what's that tv show you will not miss?