(song of the night: falling over me, demi lovato)

since i'm at a wedding all day tomorrow i figured i may as well post my best ofs tonight! enjoy, and as always, i'd love to see what cyber-treasures you found this week! comment and or email me!

this week i found a whole slew of things i'd like to add to my book list. scott schuman's book comes out august 18th. WhoWhatWear also has a book now available for relase. and then nina garcia has another book coming out in september! admittedly, i have yet to read the one hundred, but i read the little black book of stlye. good stuff!

i am seriously considering turning to maghound for my magazine fix. for $4.95 a month you get to choose any 3 magazines from a huge list of popular publications. maybe you feel like glamour, elle and vogue one month and then seventeen, glamour and cosmo the next? maghound let's you swap. they've got tons more options as well. if not for this budget i tell you...

temptalia shows you 5 ways to wear bright pink.

according to a new study, the average woman will spend 16 months of her life crying. in disbelief? so was i?

♥ i've got a confession to make. i used to be horribly, terribly addicted to perezhilton.com, it's weird, cause i can't say i like the guy all that much? but i got such satisfacation, peeling through those pink pages for hours on end. ahhh, memories. but just when i thought i was safe, he launches cocoperez. pretty much the same stuff but with a bigger focus on fashion. i fear.

i think yes and yes is the best blog i found this week. i love sarah's ideas for "cheap thrills."

in local news, i found out that there are two more bath and body works locations coming to missisauga. i know if you're reading from the states that doesn't even qualify as news, but they've only just started coming here in the last year. i'm excited! my bottle of sweat pea shower gel is running out.

finally, lemondrop rhymes off their list of the worst pop-culture boyfriends. funny stuff.

enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!