song of the day: natural woman, aretha franklin

in the fashion world, a lookbook is almost like a catalogue, meant to show off a product line. but you can create your own to track your own personal style. you can catalog it in hard copy (a 3-ring binder works best) or online (using a program like evernote). if you've been reading this blog, i'm sure you've heard me mention lookbooks before. i keep all my style ideas on my computer cause that works best for me. it's a complete mishmash of things, but i love it.

here are a few good things to keep in a lookbook.

your aesthetic affirmation: let the very defintion of your style set the tone of your book.
your inspiration: clip pictures of inspiration from ANYWHERE you can find it. it doesn't even necessarily have to be pictures of people in clothes. check my random list of inspiration from the other day.
your style muses:
it's a good idea to keep track of the celebrity looks that inspire you. and not just clothes, hair and makeup ideas as well. when you've got the pictures all set out, look at what the pictures have in common and try to emulate it.
your own pictures: one those days where you think "man i look good" snap a picture to remember it for later. then look for trends, note what works.
your own outfit ideas: anytime a new wardrobe combo comes to you, jot it down for later! i always have outfit ideas scrawled in the margins of my homework. (just don't write it on the back of a test, those take a while to get back.)

and it doesn't have to be all pictures either. copy and paste your how tos and things. but really, organize it any way you want. the idea is that you have a place to keep everything straight and so it's easier for you to get dressed in the morning. i've found that, having a place to keep my ideas and things has cut my morning prep time in half.

that's all! have a happy weekend!

photo from here.