heyhey! here's all the stuff i bought from buffalo. i may have gone a little overboard given my recent financial situation. but i press on. and i take pictures and show you all the stuff i bought.

1. princeton tee, charlotte russe, $8. hope y'all took advantage of the scratch and save weekend they had going on! it took five bucks off this t-shirt. good good stuff.
2. skinny jeans, aeropostale, $20. admittedly, NOT a necessity, but i like starting the year off with a fresh pair of jeans.
3. pens and pencils, $1.50. my loyalties with bic.
4. black flats, target, $13. simple! for school.
5. print scarves, pac sun, $8. i'm a big fan of the buy one get one deal.
6. colour club nailpolish in "wild child," errr some random place, $6. direct cosmetic warehouse or something? they had TONS of nail polish lines. i know i said i wouldn't, but i went a little crazy in there. this crazy green is on my nails right now.
revlon ultimate colourstay lipstick in "#1 nude," walmart, $9. i was looking for an amazing nude and finally found it. i'll have to upload a pic soon.
7. necklace, forever21, $7.
8. hoodie, hollister, $30. i know. PLEASE begin planning my grey intervention. i wouldn't even consider it a power colour, but i can't stop buying it!
9. nailpolish, direct cosmetic warehouse, $6 for the whole set. i LOVE the colours here. the purple is the same colour of popsicles, v. summer.
10. 8 subject-notebook, target, $7. yes EIGHT subjects. fellow stationary-addicts take note, it DOES exist.
11. grey cardigan, american eagle via marshall's, $15. i wanted this sweater when it was in AE stores last year but dragged my feet about purchasing it, i was so happy to find it o'er the weekend.
12. pink v-neck, forever21, $5. finally! a break from the grey rut! my sister convinced me to buy this pink shirt and i actually really like it.

i'm proud to admit that because i paid off some of my visa before i left, i'm not any more in debt now than i was before. okay, proud is putting is putting it a bit too far. but it's certainly better than nothing! so look out for this stuff in future outfit posts coming soon. did you buy anything over the weekend? any great deals you'd like to share?