hey there! i'm super excited to present today's style profile, indiana adams of adored austin. she's an actress and writer from austin, texas with an interest in fashion and home furnishing. her blog has just launched but i'm already in love. she's got a fabulous wardrobe and great style! not only in fashion, but in writing too. i love her outfits and videos. here's what she had to say about her blog:

i am so excited that my blog is doing so well and has a very loyal readership even though i just started it up in the beginning of july. i have no idea why this is, but my guess is it's because i write exactly like i talk to my best friends, which means i don't shy away from being funny or even poking fun at myself from time to time. i think fashion is often ridiculous and outlandish, so it's important to me that i talk about those things, too (besides "hey, look what i wore today!"). my video posts seem to be pretty popular, too, and i think it's either because 1) not a lot of fashion bloggers are doing a lot of video posts, and 2) my dog is in some of the videos, and he's freaking awesome

who/what inspires your style...
i am most moved by nostalgia. nostalgia is my favorite emotion! i love things that have a special connection to my childhood, my grandmother, and seymour, indiana (the town i grew up in). that means i really like the 80's, tulle, gaudy costume jewelry, and casual farmer style.

fave beauty products... origins clover blush, clinique high impact, black mascara and water

5 guests at your fantasy dinner party... abe lincoln because he's my presidential crush. why? well, because he's tall, likes to read, and grew up in the midwest. he's pretty much the male version of myself. nicole richie because i think she'd be hilarious the entire time and she'd be dressed like the boho queen i want to be one day. my middle school arch nemesis, so i could be like, "look how awesome i am! famous people have dinner with me!" a genie who would be so excited that i invited him over to dinner that he would give me three wishes with no strings attached. my husband because it'd be weird to have a dinner party without him! plus i like to recap events with him at the end of the day, and it'd just be sooo much easier if he were there and knew exactly what I'm talking about!

your favourite purse, and the one thing that's always in it... i always, always, always carry a giant purse because it has to hold my massive digital camera, my sash of business cards, a notebook, and my brick of a phone. my favorite purse is my mom's 1980's gucci bucket tote which she had in her (gasp!) throw away pile last summer. as long as i can remember, my mom had used that tote as her daily purse. (editor's note: i'm still waiting for confirmation on this, but i think it's the one picture at right.)

as for the thing i can't live without? you know those people who are constantly tinkering around with their phone? yeah, that's me.

fave fashion decade... oh, man. don't make me choose my favorite fashion decade, because i just can't without having an aneurysm! i love the sweet, simple mod dressed from the 60's, the bohemian style flowy tops of the 70's, the menswear inspired stuff of the 80's, and the floral prints from the early 90's. since we can wear all of these on any given day, i'd say so far, this decade is my favorite. cop out answer? yes.

fave piece from your wardrobe...
my grandmother was having a yard sale a year or so ago in which she was selling most of her to-die-for costume jewelry from the 60's and 70's. i bartered some mcdonald's gift certificates for an amazing silver owl necklace that i remember playing dress-up with when i was a kid.

when you were a kid, you wanted to be... i could never decide what i wanted to be as a kid: a waitress (yes, big aspirations, I know), an actress, a lawyer, a rockette...i wanted to do it all!

favourite colours to wear... bright, sunshiney yellow is my power color. every time i wear it, i feel invincible and exuberant!

you're most likely to splurge... did you know that it's possible to spend $150 at goodwill in less than 30 minutes? well, it is. i do that. kinda a lot.

she's also got some parting fashion/style advice for you dear readers!

1) fit is everything. a cheap pair of jeans will look like magic if the fit is spot on, and
2) if you're dealing with limited closet space (like i am) don't buy things unless you love them, and don't keep things unless you still love them, and lastly
3) don't wear things that showcase the top of your butt crack or things that ride up into your lady crack. i can't think of any fashion circumstance where this is okay.

i think she's just hilarious! be sure to keep checking up on her blog! i know i will =)