i know i'm like a day late, but i just finished watching the teen choice awards. you know me, i haven't met an award show i didn't like. and there were two stand out stars for me. emma roberts was lovely in monique lhullier. i love that she let the built-in statement necklace be the focus of the outfit. the the LWD was simple and classic. same with her hair. and i love the fresh-faced makeup with the touch of winged eyeliner. (click either picture to enlarge)

my second favourite was selena gomez! i'm usually not a fan of hers. but i loved what she wore. the asymmetrical dress was a v. mature look. (i'm still tracking down who made it). her hair and makeup choices were awesome also.

and you know what i really didn't like? miley cyrus. i have NEVER been a fan of hers and the nose ring/biker shorts/stripper pole combo only confirms what i already knew. anyway, did you watch? who would you pick for best dressed?

all photos courtesy of justjared.