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morning! something stuck out to me about indiana's amazing interview from the other day. she said that "yellow" is her power colour and that got me thinking, what's mine? today i'm going to try and find it. it seems that colours are mostly grouped into warm and cool.

you're probably a warm complexion if: dark brown, black, deep red, reddish or golden brown hair; brown or green eyes; olive, beige, golden skin (or skin which tans easily).

and you'll look best in: red (with warm undertones such as tomato red), peach, orange, golden yellow, golden brown, olive green with gold jewelry.

you're probably a cool complexion if: blonde, light to medium brown hair; light green, hazel, or blue eyes, fair or pale skin (or skin that burns easily)

and you'll look best in: red (with blue undertones such as cherry red) pink, blue, teal, turquoise, purple, mint green with silver jewelry.

these aren't hard and steady rules. it's best if you go test it out for yourself. stand in front of your mirror in a well lit place and hold up your first test colour. take note of a few things. does it flatten your appearance? does it make dark areas on your face stand out even more? does it make you look tired? does it stand out more than you? then it's probably a colour you want to avoid.

but it's definitely working for you if it shows off your eyes, lifts your complexion, or gives you a radiant glow.

but, as i've always said, i think FEELING good as just as important as looking it. go with your gut! cause i mean, if i had to choose? i'd say white is my power colour. i think half the fun of wearing it is knowing i have to carry myself better so i won't spill on it. you're going to need to keep your power colour in mind when you're (back to school) shopping. what's your power colour? any other tips on how to find one?

just a quick update here...

  • my budget is coming along okay. my family has been VERY unsupportive in my latest endevaor as they are taking me on a three-day shopping trip this weekend. what i've done, is paid off as much as my VISA as i can and compiled a list of the 5 things i actually NEED. and that's all i'll be allowed to buy. wish me luck with this one, cause you know how i get around Forever21/Delia's.

  • everything will be back to schedule on monday! as i am a student, "back to school" issues, fashion/beauty and other wise, will be the focus in the next two weeks. i hope that's okay! it'll include things like school-year resolutions, redefining your sense of style, better ways to get things done, and my favourite picks for new tv shows. hopefully there'll be something for everyone. if there's anything you'd like to see let me know! and for those of you in the same boat, i'd love to answer your BTS questions/queries. leave it in a comment or email your question to sunshower.style@gmail.com!
i've got to get packing. see you monday!