heyhey! since i missed last week, i'm throwing in the best ofs that should have been. so enjoy those! check out...

♥ the eleven punctuation marks that give your text messages hidden meanings. funny read.

♥ a review of bandslam and a critique of its marketing scheme that's actually enough to convince me to want to see it.

12 beauty secrets that really work from stylebakery.

♥ glamour presented 3 surprise fat burning foods last week.

♥ carmindy, from TLC's what not to wear, shares some date night makeup ideas.

♥ lifehacker presents some tricks to "macgyver" your way out of everyday situations. mullet not required.

♥ and! check out this pdf of pantone's fall colour. pantone is THE colour authority when it comes to fashion. i'm loving honey yellow and iron.

♥ lemondrop had this fantastic list of things that are funny but true. i had a laugh. example: "if carmen san diego and waldo ever got together, their offspring would probably just be completely invisible."

♥ the budget fashionista lists a bunch of sites where you can score free stuff!

what interesting reads did you find this week? link me up!
have a good weekend!