i'm afraid i've finally caved. after long years of abhorring any type of reality tv, i've finally gotten hooked. i don't know what it is. the lack of good summer programming on major networks, my budget (i have been staying home a fair bit more these days), or maybe i've finally just gotten bored enough to watch. either way, i wouldn't miss an episode of more to love if you paid me.

it's pretty much the bachelor, but for a plus-sized man and a house full of plus-sized women. i'm not saying i approve of the show because i kind of feel they exploit the whole plus size/low self esteem issue. but, and i am so ashamed to admit this, but i'm kind of addicted. i've never watched a show like this before -i'm more of a cartoons, CSI or sci-fi kind of girl- and i've actually learned a lot. how weird is that? to start...

○beauty isn't about size. this seems like such a no-brainer. but watching the show only reaffirmed it for me. a lot of the girls in the house are truly, geuninely gorgeous. the ones i consider "ugly" are the girls who do crazy things for attention, go around badmouthing everybody else. beauty, for me, boils down to integrity. but on the aesthetic side of things? it's all about a great smile and clothes that fit and flatter you.

○obsession is NOT attractive on anyone. in fact, it just makes you look plummm crazy. don't leave notes on people's bedroom doors. don't tell them that you're falling for them a few days after meeting them. (cough *kristian* cough)

○this kind of goes hand in hand, but there is nothing as unattractive as trying too hard.

○i've learned alot about "the perfect man." he is never worth stabbing people in the back for. he is not dating other girls while he's dating me. and he ISN'T the perfect man if he doesn't love me back.

○i've learned i could NEVER be on a game show like this. i'm way too nice and i fall way too hard.

○one surfire way to bomb a date: talking too much (danielle, anyone?)

○on the plus side, i feel a little better about things. i'm always scared when i like someone and begin to pursure it that i'm going too far. but i feel like watching the show has given me a more accurate view of what that looks like. but on the reverse: it's made me doubt when i have a connection with someone. cause usually the girl who says "we have a connection" goes home.

○ and lastly, i've learned boys don't know what's good for them. cause lauren should have gone home on the first day =P

please tell me i'm not the only one watching this =P or the only one who glean's life lessons from television.

anyway, some updates from my life as of late. i thought gi joe was fabulous! it definitely helped that i spent the last week prepping by watching the old school cartoons. i really liked it. also, we're 12 days in and i can count the number of purchases i've made this month on one hand! go me!