happy friday! i hope you're having a good day. i know i wrote about it last week, but i still found myself falling into the mindset that august is "just the month until school starts." and don't get me wrong, i'm excited about school! but i keep finding myself kind of just waiitng in stasis, for september. so i'm making it my goal to do something exciting with the next two (or so) weeks. here are 3 of my favourite summer things to do.

1. go outside. nothing says summer more than hopping outside. i'm out there whenever i can. it's been raining alot, so heading outside has become even more exciting. i tend to do a lot of my internship work out on my back porch before it gets too warm.

2. summer is also the perfect time to save on summer clothes! stores are busy trying to clear out summer stock to get ready for fall. pick up tanks and tees on the cheap! and then come up with places to where them!

3. experiment with a new look. i've been doing this a little lately. i'm thinking in the next couple of weeks i'm going to go over my style affirmation for the next year. i'll post that up later. but ahh! there i go! thinking about the fall again! here's an idea!

summer is an awesome time to rock your bright makeup. i do have to watch out cause superbright ones can seem to harsh on dark skin tones. (i tend to wear only deep reds and berry shades) but i have a new favourite! my go-to for bold lips is cool watermelon from maybelline. it's not TOO bright? and it's also got spf 15. you really need to find a bright that works for you.

and there are a few tricks to making bright lips stay all day long. first? exfoliate. then, dab on a nongreasy lip balm ten to twenty minutes before applying the colour. blot the balm, and take your time applying the colour carefully. finally, dust lightly with a translucent powder and you should be good to go! excuse the mussy hair, but that pick's of me at the end of the day! still looking bright! that's all for now!