song of the day: you are for me, kari jobe

happy saturday! sorry i haven't written much, but i really did have a fabulous time at the conference. i find it crazy when you think you've heard a story a million times, and then someone comes along and spins it completely around into something completely new. this whole week kinda been like that. randomly, a lot of old things feel new again. i hope you had a good one! here are the best ofs for this week!

i love when people can turn a positive into a negative. check out 7 reason's it's awesome your stressed via

A over at the glamorous grad studnet talks style inspirations.

to no one's surprise, a canadian study found that how much you eat depends on who you're eating with. it's SO true.

hey fellow writers-i know you're out there-check out copyblogger's 73 ways to become a better writer. this really helped me when i got stuck with my novel this week.

you've heard me rave about daisy by marc jacobs, finally lola daisy's older sister perfume is coming out this month. given my budget and all i will just have to wait and hope someone buys me a bottle.

karen over at the makeup and beauty blog linked over to this awesome post with 10 tricks for making amazing playlists.

i realized i have like, 3 friends L and, 2 J friends and 2 friends R so if you've been following my blog, it must get pretty confusing. but! one L and one R have blogs now! and they are truly lovely. i am continuously in awe of my friends!

that's it for me! later my lovelies!