song of the day: teenage love affair, alicia keys

this is one of those mornings where i don't feel like doing this. this has actually been an awesome week until i got in the way of it. have you ever looked back on something that's happened and realized you were a saboteur to your own happiness? i'm really bad in the whole boys department, and i mean really bad. i assume things aren't going to work out, and even when i want them too, i kind of drive them that way in the first place. i hope that makes sense, i know i'm being vague.

i used to hate it when my mom said it. but i really do think it's all about having the right attitude. i believe positivity attracts positive things. if i go around expecting all my relationships to fail, that's exactly what will happen. my cynicism about love sometimes does me in. hopefully it's not too late to undo what's been done. i press on. with the 10 things that are making me terribly happy today.

1. first dates (?) and all the butterflies that go with them
2. walking around downtown
3. the smell of new clothes
4. getting a text message that makes you laugh out loud
5. best friends who'll give you advice
6. concert singing: that half song, half scream that can fill an arena and make your skin goose bump a bit
7. girl's nights (i've had three this week)
8. celebrity sightings
9. buttercream frosting
10. the realization that things can always change

phew! could only come up with 6 for a while there. okay. i hope your monday is treating you well! i'm off to go compile by expenses/make new budget for the month. boo. wish me luck with that one! and then i've got to catch up on commenting on all your lovely blogs! sorry i'm so behind.


photo from here.