g' morning! i'm switching things up a little bit today. just testing it out. let me know what you think. i stumbled across a collection of lists over at rockstar diaries that feature the 10 things that make people happy. so this morning i'm rhyming off ten things that make me terribly happy right now. it was a little hard to come up with, but i think i got it.

1. full-contact scrabble games
2. the smell of old books
3. making plans
4. pink cream blush
5. writing out on my porch, when it's sunny enough to do so
6. movie trailers
7. catching up
8. freshly painted fingernails
9. the smell of a rising red velvet cake
10. countdowns, and the associated notion that something good is coming

and i should add saving money to this list. i didn't wait for a fresh start to make good on last week's resolve, and i think it's been going along really well. that's it for me! hope you're loving your life lately!

CUTE photo from Rowena R.