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as i was prepping to write all these articles about style, i got thinking about how my style has changed. when did you first start buying your own clothes? in jr. high i kind of bought a few things here and there but i think i really started buying all my own clothes in high school and i think that's where my real style evolution begins. to sum up my style: "anything on sale." other than a few babysitting gigs, i didn't have a job through most of high school. so my fashion choices were really limited. truly, i don't think i paid more than $20 for anything the whole time. i will say this right now, i was not a fashionable kid. back then, i didn't care about clothes that much.

i was going through all of the old photos i could find. what i found, is that i was too embarassed to put any of them up here. i think my high school style had two real periods. for most of grade 9 and 10, the last dregs of what i call the chubby period, a typical B outfit would be: a striped polo, worn over a long sleeve top, with flared jeans. (no they weren't popular at the time but yes, i still wore them) it was all about comfort. although, it has ALWAYS been about jeans. i think i've only owned one pair of sweatpants my entire life. i did have a lot of cool accesories though. interesting quirky pieces eithered borrowed or bought and i wish i hadn't lost most of them now. i had these rainbow star earrings that led me to meet one of my BEST friends. the end of grade 10 also marked a mini-goth phase punctuated by a LOT black nail polish and a bad attitude. SO glad i grew out of that.

by grade 11 and 12 i think the main word to describe my style was cute. i wore a lot of graphic tees with silly sayings or cute pictures. my short torso meant i could buy clothes from the kids department so i had a whole range of places to buy them from. there were a lot of skirts and sneakers involved. i remember in the winters i'd wear my scarves indoors, before it was popular to do so. i got a lot of strange looks. there was this grey zipper hoodie i had that i carried with me EVERYWHERE. i kept sewing the holes up cause i didn't have the good sense to throw it away and buy another one. but it really did match with everything.

since university 2 years ago, i've really toned things down. ditched the cutesy graphic tees for simpler pieces. traded hoodies and sweaters for cardigans of all shapes and sizes. i still LOVE jeans, although i tend to favour a skinny fit now. there have only been MORE scarves and a lot of dangly necklaces. oh! and i finally started using makeup. it sounds small, but those few changes have made all the difference in the world.

now that i'm at the end of it, i highly reccomend you track your own style evolution, it's so interesting seeing where you've come from to get a better sense of where you're going. i like the idea that i'm pressing onward to stylish, one blog post at a time.

what were your wardrobe staples/signature items from the past and how are they different now?

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