i cannot lie. these type posts are among my favourite. movies are big to me. i'm one of those people that loves to be there on opening night, jostling elbows for seats and holding places in line. getting their early, and giving your flats enough time to really adhere to the soda-sticky floor. but then again, i'm kinda weird. hahaha. money permitting, here's what i'll be lining up for in the next two months in order of my most anticipated.


» gi joe (august 7)
the 10-year old boy inside me can not WAIT for this movie. and the 19-year old girl inside of me really likes channing tatum. it's win win really. in my mind, i kind of hope it lives up to the grander of tranformers the first.

» bandslam (august 14)
it's about a group of misfits who band together (literally) to compete in their school's battle of the bands. before the v-hudge factor had me boycotting this one, but the trailers won me over. i'm a sucker for your textbook awkward geek hero.

» paper heart (limited release, august 14)
i love charlyne yi! she's so cute and so funny. in the film, she travels the country to make a documentary about love.

» julie and julia (august 7)
one things for sure this movie will make me REALLY hungry. i love amy adams, and meryl streep and eating, so this movie's pretty much a done deal for me. it looks so cute!


» cloudy with a chance of meatballs. (september 18)
this movie would sway me over on voice cast alone. bill hader, andy samberg, neil patrick harris, anna faris AND mr. t! not to mention, it was one of my favourite books when i was a kid. i'm excited =)

» fame (september 25)
if you know me, you know i'm a sucker for a good musical. remakes make me a little iffy, but so far i've only heard good things about the new cast. i'm really excited to see the movie.

» the invention of lying. (september 25)
ricky gervais is all over this film. he wrote, directed and stars in this movie about a world that has never heard of lying. gervais's character, a writer, takes advantage of the situation. the trailer for it looks so funny! it also stars jason bateman, tina fey and a whole bunch of other comedians i love. so i'm excited for this one too.

» surrogates (september 25)
when i first saw the trailer in the movie theatre i remember being extremely creeped out. but it's one of those movies that's actually been playing on my mind. it's got me so curious i actually think i might brave it and go see it. the story takes place in a futuristic world where people interact through robots (the surrogates) but when the people behind the surrogates begin being murdered, a cop (bruce willis!) has to leave his home and investigate. looks creepy but good!

» the september issue (september 11)
tons of fashion websites and blogs alike are all aflutter about this documentary about how anna wintor (vogue's editor-in-chief) puts together one of the biggest issue of the magazine. the hype has me intrigued.

» coco before chanel (september 25)
and from those sames blogs and sites, i've heard alot about this biopic about coco chanel. audrey tatou has the title role and she is TOO cute. i'll probs check this one out.

haha. as usual, my movie taste is ALL over the place. what what about you? what are you most excited for?