song of the day: fallin for you, colbie callait

happy august to you! this week i FINALLY had time to go through my wardrobe. (you remember when i wrote about the importance of a finely whittled wardrobe). i enlisted my sister to help me and even though it hurt a bit i got rid of THREE full garbage bags of clothes. i'm donating them to charity next week, of course. it's cool now, because the clothes i have left (and there are still plenty) are a much better reflection of my personal style. pat on the back for b!

you know what else was cool? i wrote about somebody once told me last week, and the owner/head photographer for the site emailed me in thanks! so cool! i'm thinking about making my own submission to the site but i'm not sure what to say yet.

and thanks for bearing with all the changes that have been going around here. i've been playing around with things until i get them just the way i want them. anyway! sorry for the delay, here are the best ofs for the week.

a recent study found that women, throughout generations are becoming increasingly attractive. woohooo!

the frisky put together a 30-day guide to breaking up, the break up bible as they called it. i was tracking it the whole month of july. the suggestions are good for single girls too, full of ways to rediscover yourself and to relax.

this week i found out the the sophie kinsella, writer of the shopoholic books had been writing under a pseudonym. i feel like i found out santa's not real! i understand why writer's use pen names but hate when i find them out. her real name's madeline wickham. has anyone read of her books? i'll make a point to rent one next time i'm at the library. wickham/kinsella, whoever she is, also has a new book that was just released 2 weeks ago. i want to check that out too.

glamour posted some cute twitter pick up lines.

a phsyical therapist discusses how to survive high heels, heavy bags and other accesories without injury or at eye4style.

best personal fashion blog i stumbled upon this week: fashion CHALET.

that's all for now. i've gotta go find something in my new (clutter-free!) closet to wear to church tomorrow. enjoy the rest of the weekend my lovelies!